Revved Industries specializes in thermoplastic carbon fiber manufacturing

Revved’s manufacturing innovations enable cost effective in-region carbon fiber production and a short supply chain. Revved has OEM capabilities in the cycling industry and beyond.

Revved utilizes a revolutionary, patented manufacturing process for thermoplastics. The new process allows for creating hollow, structural units.

Revved’s mission is to use manufacturing technologies to provide partners with strategic supply chain solutions, while also improving their product quality and reducing their carbon footprint.

In-region manufacturing allows partners to optimize and derisk their supply chain

Supply chain advantages:

  • Shorter lead times
  • Lean manufacturing and order fulfillment, reducing partner inventory requirements
  • Reduced shipping time and costs
  • Reduced sensitivity to global uncertainties
  • First-rate IP protection
  • Majority of consumers are willing to pay more for US-made products

Revolutionizing materials and manufacturing

Compared to traditional thermoset carbon, Revved allows for:

  • Cost-effective domestic carbon fiber manufacturing
  • The use of automation to reduce manufacturing labor times by up to 90%
  • Consistent part-to-part quality by eliminating the traditional hand-layup process
  • High quality post-mold surface finishes, requiring minimal finishing work
  • Up to 3x improved toughness (impact resistance) for similar material thicknesses
  • Equivalent weight and stiffness properties

Labor Time Reduction

Impact Resistance


Revved provides a more environmentally friendly solution

  • Economical to recycle
  • Material is safe for handling
  • Zero waste capabilities with ability to reuse drop material in downstream products
  • Eliminates VOCs since material can be easily powder coated (vs wet paint)
  • First-rate working conditions
  • Short supply chain reduces carbon footprint

Manufacturing capabilities and services:

  • Production of hollow, structural products, such as:
    • Bicycle frames
    • Bicycle rims
    • Tubular structures
  • Production of 2D, structural or non-structural products
  • Compression molding
  • Multiple materials available to optimize for strength, weight, and price points
  • Design for Manufacturing
  • Toolmaking
  • Prototyping

The first production products are used on Guerrilla Gravity mountain bikes.

Revved is in the process of expanding and is accepting inquiries for its next OEM partners.